Whitewater Kayak & SUP Instruction, Paddle Board Rental – Durango, CO

Surf the San Juans mission is to inspire individuals and enhance community by encouraging a fun, active, lifestyle through kayaking, river surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

Experience beautiful Durango, Colorado and the San Juan Mountains from a very cool perspective.  In the cockpit of a whitewater kayak or literally ‘standing on the water’ with a stand up paddle board (SUP).  If you are familiar with stand up paddling we have rentals for you. If not, or if you have not yet experienced the joy of down-river paddle boarding, we would love to teach you all about it. You will find it is really quite easy to do and fun right away. Taking a kayak or paddle board lesson with an ACA certified instructor, not only keeps you safe while exploring something new, but allows for ease of learning; all about how to read the flowing waters, paddle stroke efficiency, and the best pieces of water to explore based on your desire and goals. We offer fully certified instruction in Durango, Colorado for whitewater or flat water paddle boarding as well as kayaking.

We are a family owned and operated JACKSON KAYAK SUPER SCHOOL in Durango, Colorado, providing:family fun on the river

  • Whitewater Kayak Instruction
  • Board Rental with FREE DELIVERY Service 
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons
  • Most Comfortable Equipment
  • Community Inspiration & Information
  • Contact # 970-259-7873

(970) 259 SURF  Durango, Colorado

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